Are you deep frying a turkey this Thanksgiving?  If so, keep these tips in mind and reduce your risk of a deep-fryer-related fire.

 ·        Thaw and dry the bird.  Adding a partly frozen or wet bird to hot oil will cause spattering or a spill, possibly causing severe burns or a fire.

·         Don’t overfill the oil.  Because hot oil reacts like gasoline when it hits an open flame, do not overfill the tank.

·         Take it slow.  Make sure the fryer is level and slowly lower the turkey into the oil.

·         Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.  If there is a fire, don’t use a garden hose because water feeds an oil fire.  Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case you need it.

·         Give yourself some room.  Setting the fryer away from the home provides a measure of safety.  Covered patios or decks are not safe locations.

·         Never leave the fryer unattended.  Oil stays hot for a long time, so just because the heat source is off doesn’t mean the danger is gone.

·         Keep children and pets away.  Keep children and pets far away from a fryer (even after cooking) as they can easily knock over the unit causing burns or a fire.

 Follow the above tips and have a great Thanksgiving this year. 

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