It’s important that you have a general understanding of your Auto and/or Home insurance policy. You depend on this document(s) to protect you from losing all you own after a lawsuit. It also protects your automobiles and your home which are, many times, your most valuable assets.

I’m not saying you’ll completely understand them after even two readings but you’ll have a general understanding. Enough to ask questions at least.

Most people I speak with tell me that they never read them. “I just trusted my agent to cover me properly.” Very dangerous! I was in a meeting recently with about 63 other agents. The instructor asked the class at the very beginning to raise their hand if they had honestly read their own auto and home insurance policies. Only six raised their hand. Three were from our agency! So if your agent has never read the policy he/she is selling you, how in the world can they give you the proper protection.

In nine out of ten cases when you take your agent to court after you’ve suffered a severe loss without the proper coverage, your agent is going to win! The courts hold that you have a responsibility to read the contract after you receive it. Insurance is probably the only large ticket item you ever buy without ever reading the contract. Dig out that auto insurance and home insurance policy today and read it at least a couple of times. Then call your agent, or call us, with questions you have from reading the policy. It’s always better to question coverage BEFORE you have a loss than after you have one.

If you would like a second opinion on your auto insurance or home insurance please feel free to give us a call at 515-964-0637. For that matter call us on any kind of insurance question. After 50 years as an agent in Ankeny, IA we will be able to answer your questions. If not, we’ll find it and call you back.