Not only do vehicles vary in size and color, they can also vary in safety. There are still important safety differences, and some vehicles are safer than others. Many automakers offer safety features beyond the required Federal Minimums. The following safety features should be considered when you buy your next car.

Physics dictates that larger and heavier cars are safer. Pay attention to the weight of the car to opt for greater safety.

On The Road Experience
High performance cars can tempt you to drive fast. Consider this if you have teenage drivers that will be using the car.

Good Structural Design
Ask the dealer about a car’s safety cage. Some brands are better known for their safety than others.

Belts, airbags, and head restraints are standard on most new cars. Remember to consider this if buying used also.

Daytime Running Lights
Standard on most new cars. Make sure you know how to turn them on before driving off the lot.

Anti-lock Brakes
Standard on most new cars. Remember to consider this if buying used.

Crashworthiness Rating
Find your comfort zone. Check highwaysafety.org to find out where a car stands.

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