In order to relieve loved ones of additional stress, anxiety and expense at the time of a death in the family, consider recording as much information as possible in advance and providing copies to family members.  Using our “When A Loved One Dies Life Guide”, you’ll be able to record and share the following information:

  •  ·         Names and contact information of your professional advisors.
  • ·         Your vital statistics.
  • ·         Your specific funeral instructions.
  • ·         Historical information for your obituary.
  • ·         People and organizations to be notified about a death.
  • ·         Locations of vital documents.
  • ·         Important banking and insurance information.
  • ·         Your wishes for the disposition of personal property.
  • ·         Any special requests and/or instructions.


In addition, this Life Guide provides information and suggestions on the actions to take immediately following a death in the family, as well as in the days, weeks and months to follow.

Contact our office for your free copy of the “When a Loved One Dies” Life Guide at 1-888-464-0637.  Or go to www.doubledayinsurance.com and click on Free Life Guides, then click on “When A Loved One Dies” on the right side, second from the bottom. 

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