As warm weather approaches, take a few minutes to make sure your auto and home insurance policies are up-to-date.  For example, tons of accidents happen when the highways are jammed with people headed out for vacation.  Be sure that you are carrying enough liability insurance (or buy an “umbrella” policy) to cover you in the event you are involved in a serious accident.  Also be sure you have rental reimbursement and towing coverage before heading out yourself on vacation. 

 If you have taken coverage off an auto or motorcycle or ATV for the winter, be sure you call and put coverage back on before moving the item.  We have LOTS of claims where clients “meant” to call us first but forgot to do so.

 As for your homeowners policy, check with us if you are planning to remodel, build an addition, install a swimming pool, buy a boat, etc.  We’ll help you determine if your current coverage serves your needs.  Contact us now by clicking this link today.

 Remember us for all your insurance needs including auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and life insurance.  Also, if you are looking for income in retirement there is no better way to guarantee it than through an annuity.  Call 515-964o-0637 or 1-888-464-0637 today.