Winter is here and the snow is here. You almost can’t drive down the road without seeing a snowmobile riding the empty cornfields and ditches. If you own a snowmobile, first and foremost, if you are taking it off your property, you need snowmobile insurance. The owner and operator of the snowmobile is liable for injury and property damage incurred while negligently riding.

Just a few Safety Tips to keep in mind:
a. Make sure the snowmobile is in good running order.
b. Don’t travel unfamiliar ground.
c. Always tell someone your planned route.
d. Be Alert.
e. Dress for the weather.
f. Have an Emergency Kit with you; small tools, flashlight and waterproof matches, cell phone and GPS.

Did you know….River ice is 9% weaker than Lake ice. This information and the Iowa Safety Laws and Certification Course can be found online. Click Here. Children Ages 12-18 must be certified to drive a snowmobile on public roads and trails.