February is Responsible Pet Owner Month...are you?

Characteristics of a responsible pet owner, just to name a few,  are as follows; 

  • COMMITMENT- Provide appropriate exercise and social attention, as well as food and vet care
  • INVESTMENT- Time and Money, don't adopt if you are busy and can't afford it.
  • OBEY- Clean up after your pet (while out of your own yard...be curtious to others) and obey leash laws and noise ordinances.
  • LIMIT- Help with over population by getting your pet spay/neuter.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, since 2000, they have spay/neutered more than 50,000 animals. They offer this service before adopting them out, as well as a list of other spay/neuter programs to help those who can not afford to do so.

If you are not already a responsible pet owner and think you want to be, visit Animal Rescue League, to begin your search, as well as obtain a wealth of care facts and services. Then, call us at Doubleday Insurance and ask about Pet Insurance.