The BIG DAY is tomorrow!! Cards should be in the mail, Flowers should be ordered, Chocolates should be bought!! Do you have your gift ready for your loved one?

Did you know….It wasn’t until 1980 that the jewelers began to associate diamonds to the Valentines holiday? Here are a couple more statistics that are hard to believe.

©      In 2012,  4.1 billion dollars were spent on jewelry alone.

©      On average, there are 220,000 wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day (10% of the annual total)

©      In 2011, Jewelry was the top claims category under homeowners policies, based on the value, and claims filed.

Every Homeowner’s policy is different, look at your policy or call your agent today, and ask what your policy covers on Jewelry. Your Homeowner’s policy may protect your jewelry in the event of fire or theft up to a certain dollar amount, usually $1000 per article subject to your deductible. A floater would schedule that item onto your policy and is covered up to the insured value (jewelry needs a current appraisal) and typically no deductible applies. This floater would cover the fire and theft and would also include if the item was damaged or lost.  Call Doubleday Insurance and talk to one of our Professional Agents today!!