I know it is hard to imagine a good snow fall when we have had two record Decembers in a row, for lack of. But, it is coming, and soon!!  Are you following the Safety Precautions of your snow blower?

A snow blower is defined as a machine used for removing snow from an area (driveway, sidewalk, etc.). But according to Consumer Reports it is used for hand or finger removal nearly 6000 times on average per year. Most of these accidents are caused by the operator trying to clear the auger with their hands. The following steps should be followed before clearing a clog:
a. Turn off the machine.
b. Disengage the clutch
c. Allow impeller blades to stop moving.
d. Use a long object to clear clog (such as a broomstick or clearing tool)
Most snow blowers are sold with a clearing tool these days, or sell on average of about $10.00.

Everyone should know the importance of these safety precautions, however, even veteran snow blower operators put aside safety to complete the job as quickly as possible. Please Be Careful NOT to be a statistic this year!!