Winter is Here!! Are you ready? Is your house ready? Below are a few tips on making sure your home and the homes of your loved ones are winterized.

Winterizing your home can be anything from gutters and trees to furnace and pipes.
• Water pipes begin to freeze when the temperatures dip down into the low 20’s. And note that pipes on the North side of the house will freeze first. Pipes in attics and crawl spaces should be wrapped with foam insulation, newspaper wrapped thick around the pipe will also work. Keep cabinets open under sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms to allow the heat to reach those pipes.
• It is safe to say your furnace needs a checkup every winter to make sure it is in good, safe working order. Furnace filters should be replaced monthly and turning the thermostat down just a degree here and there (in the 60’s and 70’s)could save you as much as 5% for each degree on your heating bill.

If you follow these simple steps you can save yourself thousands on costly repairs as well as a savings on your heating bills.