Winter is officially here and we have already had our first BIG storm. Below are a few tips to follow while driving and the items that should be included in your Emergency Kit.

1. Check forecast and road conditions (Online   IA cell phone 511)
2. Check to be sure your vehicle is in good running condition; fluid levels are checked and filled, as well as a full tank of gas.
3. Turn on your headlights.
4. Avoid cruise control and don’t pull out in front of oncoming traffic. 
5. Reduce your speed and allow space between you and the surrounding vehicles.
6. Stay alert! Know your surroundings, bridges (overpass) and exits freeze over first.
7. IF stranded, leave one window cracked, snow and ice can seal off a vehicle, make sure the exhaust is cleared, and run the vehicle 10 minutes every hour.

Emergency Kit should include:
Ice Scraper
Flashlight/Extra Batteries
First Aid Kit (Bandages/Pain Reliever)
Bottled Water
Non-Perishable Food Items Such As Canned Peanuts or Hard Candies
Matches/Strike Pad
Blanket/Sleeping Bag
Coat, Hat, Mittens & Boots
Sand or Salt
Cell Phone/Charger