Help Us Help You!!

Can you give me a hand? You are a valued client. We want to do everything we can to protect YOU. Sometimes our Insurance Protection Team needs to get important or urgent information in your hands quickly. We have found that EMAIL can be one more “weapon” in the fight to protect our clients from dangers and liabilities in today’s world. We will NEVER sell or give out your email address to anyone! 

A few fun email facts:  

* More than 90% of Internet users between 18 and 72 said they send and receive email, making it the top online activity just ahead of search engines, according to the non-profit research group. - Pew Internet and American Life Project (Feb 2009)

* 60% of users employ two or more personal email addresses, giving a different address to entities they do not trust while maintaining separate accounts for trustworthy sources.- Habeas (2008)

* 59% of people emailing from portable devices are checking email in bed while in their pajamas; 53% in the bathroom; 37% are checking email while they drive; and 12% admit to checking email in church. - AOL (2007)

* It is also said that 30% of people change their email address once a year.

Please take a moment and Email us so we have your email address in our records. If you are one of those 30% that changes addresses, please contact us so that we may update our records. Visit our website and submit contact us form or email us at or .Thank you for your cooperation.