Will your Spring Break be a ‘staycation’ or a ‘vacation’?

If your answer was ‘staycation’ then below we have a few ideas and links to make sure your spring break doesn't look like this.


  • Book at hotel, on a weeknight, local for just one night and invite friends and family to come swimming with you.
  • Indoor camping, move furniture, set up a tent in your living room, get out the sleeping bags, have a camping inspired supper, avoid tv at all costs, play games, tell scary stories with a flashlight.
  • Popcorn & A Movie, at home or at a theatre.
  • Craft Ideas, logon to Pinterest and search ‘staycation ideas’ or ‘family crafts’…..it’s loaded.
  • Boredum Busters; Paper Airplane Flying Contests, Line Up Dominoes/Tip Them, Build A Fort, Make/Play Play-Dough, Color Easter Eggs.
  • Coloring (because everyone’s inner child loves to color)

If Vacation was your answer you will have to stay tuned to our blog for Spring Break Part 2….Traveling Safety Tips, to be posted March 14th.
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