Will your spring break be a staycation or vacation? If your answer is staycation you need to back up one blog as this is the vacation blog.  If your answer was vacation you came to the right spot. Read on for some simple safety tips for traveling in the next few days to come.
1. Driving:
    a. Have an Oil Change
    b. Have them check the fluids and the sir pressure in your tires
    c. Fill up with gas (gasbuddy.com or Mapquest can map fuel prices on your route)
    d. Watch out for other drivers.
2. Flying:
    a. Pack smart, odds are you are going somewhere warmer than it is here, don’t forget the sunscreen and your    bathing suit.
    b. Airports report  the biggest failed rule:
        i. 3-1-1  3.4 oz bottles, placed in 1 qt clear bag, in one and only one, carry on.
    c. Allow for the full 2 hrs for airport parking and check in, It will be busy.
3. Either: 
    a. Notify your bank of where you are going ahead of time, leaving the area can send a red flag to the bank and they may stop payment on your debit card, thinking identity theft, not spring break.

Enjoy your Spring Break and call Doubleday Insurance if you have any questions or concerns about leaving over spring break.