When it rains, we all appreciate having a trusty umbrella to help shelter us from the storm. Your personal insurance is no different. Umbrella Insurance is not something you may value or see as necessary, but it is!

You work hard to earn the things that give you pleasure – a beautiful home/condo/apartment, a great car, and beautiful valuables. We work twice as hard to make sure you never have to worry about repairing or replacing these wonderful things. Though your current coverage protects you from liability, there are certain circumstances, especially if you’re found negligent, where you may not always have sufficient protection should you happen to find yourself in the heaviest of downpours.  What would happen if you had to cover the cost of an accident caused by your negligence?

An Umbrella policy is additional liability insurance (umbrella coverage) that provides you with liability protection in addition to your existing personal auto, homeowners, personal/farm liability, or recreational vehicle policies. You can purchase $1 million or more of additional coverage to help protect your assets, like your home, auto, boat, wages, and investments such as your retirement, if you are sued for some reason and are found liable for causing a catastrophic loss to others.
Additional Benefits Include: Personal Injury and Property Damage Protection

• False Arrest Protection
• Libel Protection
• Slander Protection
• False Imprisonment Protection
• Wrongful Eviction Protection
• Non-deliberate Discrimination Protection
• Wrongful Detention of Property Protection
• Invasion of Privacy Protection

Consider your liability coverage – then contact us. Let’s get you completely covered with an umbrella policy today. Umbrella insurance is much more affordable than you may think. And in today's world, anyone can get hit with a lawsuit. That's why it's more important than ever to consider an added layer of protection for your assets-and your peace of mind.