Let's say the river near your home overflows its banks after an excessive rainfall, causing severe damage to your home and its contents. While floods can cause major destruction, the damage caused by floods is not covered by standard Homeowners insurance. Why? Because damages caused by floods are specifically excluded from all homeowners policies. You need to have a separate flood insurance policy in order to be covered.  A flood insurance policy provides the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home, condo or business from rising waters. If you think your home is at risk, you might want to consider contacting us.

MYTH: I don't need flood insurance, I'm not in a high risk flood zone.
FACT: Around 25% of NFIP's claims come from outside high risk flood zones. Substantial premium discounts exist for residents who live in low to moderate risk zones.
MYTH: Federal disaster assistance will pay for flood damage.
FACT: Less than 50% of all flooding incidents are declared federal disaster areas. The $400 average annual flood insurance premium is much less costly than is interest on a federal disaster loan. Furthermore, recipients of federal disaster loans or grants must purchase flood insurance to receive disaster relief in the future.

Flood policies can provide coverage for:

  • Flood damage to your home's structure as well as items like your furnace and water heater
  • Flood damage to your furniture, rugs, appliances, and clothing (with limitations for basement areas)
  • Expenses you incur to protect your home against imminent flood damage by sandbagging or other measures
  • Clean-up costs for covered items after a flood, including debris removal

    Are you prepared? Click Here to find a flood brochure by one of our carriers. It contains tips and a preparedness checklist. Visit our site to learn more about the dangers of flooding and  flood insurance or to get a free quote.