The snow is gone and we are all praying it is for good this time, it is May after all. Spring and Summer brings on a whole new ball park of risks to look out for. May is National BBQ Month, so let’s fire up the grill!!!

A few BBQ facts you may or may not know:

  • #1 day to BBQ….4th of July
  • #1 item to BBQ….Hamburgers
  • 3 out of 4 households own a grill
  • The average household uses the grill 5 times a month
  • Barbe a queue, is said to be a French term, meaning from whiskers to tail, which was the original way for the French to cook an animal over an open fire.

As said above, “a whole new ball park of risks”, I found an article on giving the ‘Top 10 Safety Tips Foe Barbecue & Grilling’. Following these tips will keep you safe and hopefully keep you from having to file a claim.

Contact us today to make sure you are properly covered this Spring/Summer, or to file a claim, please call.