After 47 years in this business I've seen and heard most of this many times.  You're all alike!  But, just today, I noticed a huge difference between our agency and one I had to call for the third time in the Des Moines, area.  I originally called this agency to report that their client had struck our client's vehicle while it was parked.  Their client had not reported the claim yet, I was told.  

Called back yesterday and got an answering machine in the middle of the afternoon!  If I called my agent and got an answering machine that said no one is here to take your call - I would find another agency for my protection.  Called again today at 03:30PM.  Same answering machine! 

When my office used to be next door to another agency I heard that agent, on many occasions, tell his clients that he couldn't help them when they and their adjuster didn't see "eye to eye."  He would always say, "I just sell it, you will have to deal with the adjuster on your claim."  Again, I would find another agent -fast!  We are happy to help you when you have a situation where you think the adjuster isn't being fair.  Many times the adjuster is just new with little experience and we can get things done he/she wasn't aware could be done.

Clients tell me that their old agent never confirmed any requests.  They had to just wait and see if it ever was done.  We confirm all requests either by email or by snail mail!  I remember a few years back when we "confirmed" that a particular client purchased a brand new Chevrolet pickup.  He called a day later to say he had no idea he had done so.  He said he wished he could afford a new Chevy but he hadn't purchased one.  So we then went through every client that had a last name that sounded like his.  We finally found the client who really HAD purchased the new Chevy pickup and got it added to his policy!! 

I had a client leave me some years back and went with a direct writer agent.  A year later she called back and said she would like to return.  Seems she never heard from her agent the entire year!  We send a Newsletter each month.  It's done by me locally.  I try and address things that would be of interest to our clients here in the Ankeny area, not New York City or Chicago! 

We send our clients an annual Questionnaire asking many questions to be sure they haven't purchased something during that year that they forgot to call us on.  Or maybe they finished the basement or added a 4 seasons room that needs to be added to increase coverage and not void guaranteed replacement cost on their home.  We catch many things here each year.  When you're dealing with Iowa Auto insurance or Iowa Home insurance there is nothing like experience to make certain you have the proper coverage at the best possible price.

 Yes!  We are different!  Much different from some.  Take a look at our website at and read our thank you letter from a client who had a terrible total fire loss last year to see how we handle claims.

Then give us a call when your insurance renews the next time.  You may very well find that our type of service is unique but many times still costs less!  We are Independent Agents and we represent many great insurance carriers for auto and home insurance.

Lew Doubleday