It’s never too late to winterize your home for the winter! Making your home more energy efficient and air tight can save you significantly on your utility bills. Basic maintenance such as cleaning gutters, keeping the roof in good shape, insulating and caulking can ward off later repairs.

·         Caulk trim & baseboards

·         Inspect your doors- according to the US Department of Energy, as much as 35% of air leakage in a home can come from small openings in doors, windows and fireplaces.

·         Ready the windows- simply locking your windows can not only discourage burglars but also keeps the cold wind out.

·         Check your heating system- change your filter regularly. If you notice duct work is coming apart, seal it with metal-foil tape. Servicing your furnace will cost you $75-$125, this could prevent costly emergency calls after hours. Also installing a programmable thermostat can save you money.

·         Ready your roof- clean your gutters to avoid ice dams.

·         Insulation- Other than the obvious places to insulate, do not forget to insulate your outlets and light switches on exterior walls. You can buy pre-cut foam gaskets, they are very easy to install.