Every time anyone refers someone to us for an Auto Insurance or Home Insurance quote they receive a $10 Gift Card to a local gas chain. It doesn’t matter if the person referred buys from us or not.

At the end of each month we put the names of everyone who referred someone to us into a box and have a name drawn out. (You can have more than one chance also. Everyone who tells us YOU sent them will result in you getting another chance to win and another $10 card). If your name is the one drawn at month end you win a $50 Gift Card to Olive Garden restaurant.

At year end we put all the names in a box and draw for our GRAND PRIZE of $2,000 CASH! Use the money for whatever you like. No strings attached.

Last year’s winner of our Grand Prize of $2,000 was Sherri Roberts.

So far, everyone who has one our Grand Prize has said the same thing, “I can’t believe I won. I never win anything like this!” Well, one thing is certain. You can’t win if your name isn’t on our list! So send us your friends and neighbors, we always ask them who referred them when they call, and you will always win at least a $10 gas card.