DOES AN ANNUITY MAKE SENSE FOR YOU?  The Top 3 Reasons Our Clients Love and Purchase Annuities


For anyone living with the fear that he or she will outlive their money, an immediate (or income annuity) might have a great deal of appeal to you.  This type of annuity requires that investors pay a lump sum to an insurance company in return for monthly checks that will keep coming for the rest of their lives.  The amount that the investor receives is largely dependent on his or her age and the current interest rates. 


The Top 3 reasons folks buy annuities are:

  • Income during their retirement
  • Principal Protection
  • Potential to create a legacy for your loved ones.


We offer an annuity that is tied to an index and if that index goes up any year, even though you are on the payout end receiving income from the annuity, your income will also go up!  And it stays there until another “up” year when it would go up again.  If the index would go down in any year, your income would not go down. 


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