My wife and I have an agreement.  I do all the mechanical and maintenance around our home and our vehicles and she does all the cooking!  I know this isn't the way most modern families operate but it's worked for Connee and I for over 52 years now!

Connee has never, not even once even, put gasoline in her cars.  I do that for her as part of our "deal" and I'm happy to do it for her. 

And I have only cooked one time since we've been married.  And, I'm certain after that disaster, that I will never do it again!  My Uncle Lewis that I am named after always did all the cooking in his home.  His wife was from a well-to-do family from Germany and they had a cook who lived with them.  So, she never learned how to cook.  So, I thought, how difficult can it be. 

Well, a couple of years ago, Connee had a foot operated on and had a very difficult time with it.  Lots of pain and had a terrible time navigating our four level split home with all the stairs.  So, this one evening I told her I would fix supper (dinner for you non-farm folks).  I, we, decided I should be able to handle spaghetti!  Connee said it was easy!! 

She said just read the How To on the box.  I thought I did that okay.  She did say, much as I hate to admit it, "be sure you put the sauce in."  So I got a can of tomato sauce from the cupboard and added it in.  I thought to myself as I was preparing the meal that Connee certainly had the best end of the deal all these years because this was a snap.

When it was done, I put some on her plate and some on mine and sat down to enjoy a great meal!  Before I could take my first bite, Connee took hers!  I thought she was going to gag!  I, of course, knew she was just teasing so I took a big forkful and swallowed.  GAG!  It was terrible!  She said, "didn't you put the sauce in like I told you to?"  I said that I had done that.  She then said, "the sauce out of the box?"  What sauce out of the box, I asked?  Sure enough, there in the bottom of the box was the ingredients I should have used but didn't! 

Well, at least the Big Macs were good later!  And, Connee has never asked me to cook again!  (This was almost as gratifying as the time I turned all my underwear pink while trying to help her with the washing!)  How was I to know you don't wash red and white together!  Geesh! 

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