For anyone living with the fear that they will outlive their money, an annuity might make a great deal of sense.  The number one fear I hear my clients speak about is outliving their income in retirement.  How about you?  Are you guaranteeing your income will last as long as you do?  We can do that for you with an annuity. 


Newer annuities can also give you a boost if you go to a nursing home and some even INCREASE EVERY YEAR THE INDEX THEY ARE TIED TO INCREASES!!  And, if the index goes down, their income does not!



Do you have money lying around in CD’s and Money Markets and don’t plan on using it?  Lazy Money we call it.


We offer an alternative that PUTS YOUR MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU!  Products used to fulfill the promises of Lazy Money off the following features:


    Return of your premium – anytime!


    Up to a 10% percent bonus, plus a guaranteed crediting rate that’s higher than your current CD or

    Money Market account is paying.


     An opportunity for additional growth through indexing.


     Monthly accelerated death benefit to cover expenses associated with long-term chronic care.


     An enhanced tax-free death benefit. (Free from Federal Income tax.)


     $5,000 minimum.


Example Case Study


Cindy CD-Holder is 65 years old and has $100,000 1-yr CD earning 0.71% (National Average as of June 4, 2015).  Her goal is to transfer the money to heirs, guarantee interest, and have access to it if needed. 


Cindy decides to put her money to work for her, NOT the bank!


Her account value, including any applicable premium bonuses, earn index-linked interest credits.  It has a minimum non-taxable death benefit at issue of over $180,000!  And, she has full return of her original premium from Day 1.  Premium is 100% liquid.  No penalty or surrender charges applied to her premium.


If this sounds like something you could use, please call us today at 1-888-464-0637.  Ask for Lew.