Combine & Save on Your Home, Auto and Life Insurance

Doubleday Insurance Agency, Inc. is your independent, one-stop insurance center for all your personal insurance needs. 

Your auto insurance is due on the 10th of each month, made payable to ABC Insurance. Your homeowners insurance is due the 15th of each month, made payable to XYZ Insurance. Your Life Insurance is due the last of each month to LMN Bank. At Doubleday Insurance Agency, we can combine your policies and even reduce your monthly premium. We make insurance shopping easy! Now, if you haven’t considered it before, you may want to consider it now: combining your policies. Just think, less hassle, all your policies can be due at the same time with the same company, that means one check, not three.  Less paperwork, paperless is an option with a few companies and offer a discount if you choose to do so. A nifty discount, all of our companies offer an Auto/Home discount, on both you Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance.

"We saved 71% on our home insurance with Doubleday and saved money on our auto too! We are sending them referrals of our friends and relatives so that they can save too. Since they are Independent Agents I’m sure of a very competitive rate always."  --Randy Grogan, Des Moines, IA

Doubleday Insurance Agency is dedicated to matching your needs to the most comprehensive and affordable coverages available on the market today.

We can help you find viable policies for:
•    Life
•    Auto
•    Home
•    Health
•    Business
•    And more…


To further discuss your insurance solutions – your needs, your concerns, or your goals – please feel free to call and speak to one of our knowledgeable agents at your earliest convenience.


Whatever your insurance needs may be, we can help meet them. We want you protected.


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