Iowa Surety Bond

It doesn't matter how certain you are that you can fulfill your obligations in business and judicial life, increasingly these days you must prove you have the protection to put things right if they spin out of control -- often through no fault of your own. Proof, in that sense, comes in the form of a Surety Bond -- legal protection from specialist insurers. In most cases, obtaining bonds is not a matter of choice. But you do have an important choice to exercise in terms of who provides that protection. You want a bonds specialist with expertise in your area, an established track record for reliability and service, and demonstrable evidence of best value for money.In that case, look no further than Doubleday Insurance Agency Inc, one of Iowa's most highly regarded independent brokers with an unrivaled reputation in this highly complex insurance protection field.We provide a full service for contract bonds, commercial bonds and court bonds, providing our clients not only with first-class protection but also compliance, guidance and claims support.

Contract Surety Bonds

The days are gone when bid and performance bonds were just in the realm of state and Federal or major private construction projects. After the bitter experience of the Great Recession, these bonds are frequently even required for much smaller contracts.

Intense competition and stringent contract requirements add to the cost and time pressures of placing your bid and completing you work. Getting your bonds in place quickly and efficiently not only provides your clients with the protection they demand but also strengthens your bids and your reputation, making a powerful statement about the quality and reliability of your business.

In addition to standard bid and performance bonds (and payment bonds), we also provide many other types of Contract Surety Bonds including time-limited defect and maintenance bonds, ancillary bonds and site improvement bonds.

We have relevant expertise in all of these areas, as well as in-depth understanding of state and federal regulatory requirements, including Iowa's Little Miller Act.

Ask for the specialist protection you or your client need; Doubleday Insurance Agency, Inc. will deliver.

Commercial Surety Bond

With the same flexibility and high standards, we can secure a range of commercial products including fidelity bonds covering a wide range of risks relating to employee theft or damage due to employee negligence.

Clients increasingly demand fidelity bonds but even when they don't, they provide evidence of your status during contract bids and they give you the protection and peace of mind you want, especially when your employees are working on client sites, away from your direct management.

Our commercial bonds service is part of our broader Commercial Insurance program and includes license and permit bonds -- essential for gaining your business documentation in Iowa -- self-insured workers compensation bonds, customs bonds, specialist dealer bonds and health club and spa bonds.

Each of these, and more, requires the rare expertise you'll find at Doubleday Insurance Agency, Inc..

Court Surety Bonds

Our courts are playing a greater role than ever in overseeing the security of individuals unable to act fully or impartially in their own interests.

Court surety in the form of probate and Fiduciary Bonds, Conservator Bonds and bankruptcy-related bonds are the main instruments of protection in this field, although there are many more.

You could find yourself as an individual or organization, suddenly thrust into this area where you have little or no knowledge or experience. Or you may be a seasoned professional with a full understanding of the area and of the need for timely, expert protection.

In either case, you will be able to count on Doubleday Insurance Agency, Inc. to provide the Iowa Surety Bond and the professional service that enables you to fulfill your obligations with the minimum of hassle.

Why Doubleday Insurance Agency, Inc?

Insurance bonds are complex. They overlap. Some, like bid and performance bonds and payment bonds, go hand in hand. Terms, limits and conditions vary widely. Some Iowa Surety Bonds underwriters specialize in specific types of bonds, such as a Fiduciary Bond or Conservator Bond.

It's a maze. But we know these companies and we know the risks against which you and your clients need protection. That means, we can almost certainly save you both money and time.

We have the expertise and muscle that enable us to negotiate highly competitive rates. And our knowledge and connections with all the major underwriters ensures we can respond quickly, with the bonds you need, when you need them.

This is definitely an area where there is no substitute for experience.

At Your Service

If you're a contractor, you may already have a standard route for obtaining your bid and performance bonds and payment bonds but you could find it worth your while to consult the folks at Doubleday Insurance for a comparison quote on value and service.

And if you're in business, you definitely need advice on how best to address your fidelity bond requirements comprehensively and cost-effectively.

Likewise, if you find yourself in a situation that demands a Fiduciary Bond or Conservator Bond -- for example if you have to manage funds for someone else's well being or administer the estate of someone who has died -- our experts will be able to provide the expert guidance you need.

Free Quotes And Consultation

If you are unsure about any aspect of your needs for Surety Bond protection or if you already know your requirements and want to learn about high quality service at competitive rates, you can talk to us at no cost and without any kind of obligation or commitment.

We can identify, explain and clarify issues, customize protection to precisely meet your needs and those of your clients, and help strengthen your business or personal status with a professional service that will speak volumes about you.

Simple click on our Free Quote request button on this page and we'll begin the process of finding the best coverage. In the world of Iowa Surety Bonds, there's simply too much at stake to get this wrong, so take that crucial, no-obligation step and contact us now.