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Cory's Story

Why I Believe In Doubleday Insurance

June 23rd 2012 was a day that would change our lives forever. We arrived home from the town celebration at 12 am. We were woke up by the kids at 1:30 am to them yelling that the house was on fire. As we ran out of the house we saw that the inside of the living room ceiling was on fire and after running around to the front of the house we watched in disbelief as the entire house became engulfed. After almost five hours, four fire departments and over 150,000 gallons of water our house was in a charred mess.

Standing next to the rest of my family and half of the town we stood there wondering what our next step was. How do we start to rebuild? The time was 6 am and I decided to break the news to our insurance agent. It was at this point where people started saying "watch out for the insurance company." I called the office number and wrote down their emergency phone number thinking it's just going to be an answering machine anyways. To my amazement when I called the number it went straight to Chris' cell phone and he said to me, "I'll be there in twenty minutes" which I didn't think was possible knowing that I had woken him up.


In less than 20 minutes, Chris was at our house already making multiple calls on the way to line up a hotel, and contact the insurance company adjusters. Chris told us from the very beginning that we shouldn't worry and that he will be by our side every step of the way. Chris went above and beyond that morning taking me to the one hour optical and lining up a rental car for us. While Chris and I were at the eye doctor Lew showed up to the house. When he showed up my wife informed him that Chris had already been there, he understood but wanted to come there personally and see how everyone was and offer any help that might be needed. Two days after our house fire we were informed that the water line to the house was stuck and had to be turned off in the basement. Upon further investigation the basement had about 8 feet of water in it. While in the process of pumping out the basement a gentleman in a new shiny Lexus showed up. Basically the long and short of his conversation was that he would fight our insurance company to make sure that we get what we deserve. I asked him how they made any money by helping us and he replied that they only took 10-15% of the settlement with the insurance company but that they normally get an additional 10-14% from them. I am not good at math but this didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I called Chris and he said that this is the house fire version of an ambulance chaser.


WOW I can't say how many times Tracie and I said that though this entire ordeal. Chris arranged for us to meet with the insurance adjusters from Travelers and made sure that he would be there too. This was HUGE to us. We were worried because of the horror stories that everyone had told us about insurance companies and we already knew that Chris was a man that we could trust with our lives.


Sherrie and Stephen were our insurance adjusters. Sherrie is from Olathe, KS and Stephen from somewhere in PA, which to us didn't make much sense why they would bring someone from so far away to look at our house. Their reasoning being that the damage to the house was so extensive that they needed to get someone that did this all the time. This immediately caused us concern. How were people from other states going to treat us? Once again this was another time that we feared everyone had cautioned us about. We couldn't have been more wrong. Sheri and Steve spent three days going through our house on the hottest days that we had in Iowa. They surveyed all of the damage and sat down with us and explained to us in terms that we understood and treated us as though we were old friends. It was at this time which we fully understood how Chris was our saving grace. Chris, Sherri and Stephen took all of our phone calls; emails promptly and never seemed bothered. Before Sherri left she fronted us a check.


I found Chris by accident, he was a referral from a co-worker and I had decided to "shop" at multiple agents before making a decision. When I met with Chris we went over the coverage that the other company had quoted. Chris was a little bit higher but also pointed flaws in the competitor's coverage. Homeowners insurance isn't something that you're particularly interested in when you are 27 years old and especially fine print. I have thought back to that day hundreds of times in the last year thanking the Lord for Chris. I didn't look at the ALE coverage (which I had never heard of) or the multiple other coverages that Chris included. I asked him "which one should I go with". He pointed at one of the policies and that is the one we ended up with. Little did I know that he had quoted things that would take care of paying for the hotel while we looked for a rental house. It also paid for the the rental furniture and rental house. (Little known fact, you can rent anything from a spoon to a washcloth).


On June 23rd 2012 we lost everything but we made it out safely. Doubleday Insurance, Travelers Insurance and ALE made it as easy as possible when you have to deal with a house fire. So a huge thank you to Lew and Chris, Stephen and Sherrie at Travelers and ALE Solutions. There isn't one thing that we could complain about with any of you. You all made a very tough situation an easier one to get through and we'll forever be grateful.


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I’ve never had a problem that Doubleday couldn’t solve.
- Terry Hager, Polk City, IA
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional handling of both my personal and business insurance needs. Your prompt and courteous attention to my needs have been a real asset in the growth of my business. Thank you!!
- Michael Lucas
We were pleased the way you helped us on our home owners insurance. Saved us several hundred dollars. Thanks to Rose for all of her help.
- Leo & Catherine Lukes
It’s all about service. A phone call and you know whatever the problem or request, it’ll be taken care of. Saving money is only the beginning. Saving time and energy with prompt customer service is the ultimate.
- Harold Kahler, Ankeny, IA
We were very happy the way your staff took care of us when our van, parked in front of our home, was hit by a drunk driver and totaled. One of your staff came right away and had a check for it the next day. We have our home insured with you too. We are very happy with the efficiency of your staff.
- Bernice Keyes, Des Moines, IA
Eva and I couldn’t believe how well the fire claim we had went with your agency. We never had even one problem.. It was devastating but you made it so much easier for us. AND, you saved us $700 on our auto insurance too when we changed from Progressive!
- Clair Wepel, Ankeny, IA
I can’t remember how I was fortunate enough to discover Doubleday Insurance when I moved to Ankeny 8 years ago. From the beginning Chris (and later his entire family) took me under his wing like a protective older brother. Chris has handled all of my insurance needs professionally and promptly with courtesy. It’s great peace of mind to know I can call Chris (or his Dad, Lew) anytime with questions knowing I’ll be warmly greeted. I’m confident they are genuinly interested in my welfare and not just after a commission check. Thanks Doubledays!!!
- Phyllis Wininger, Ankeny, IA
Not having the best record, Doubleday Agency was able to help us in our insurance needs. Friendly, helpful and always willing to check other areas. Rose had a smile every time. Thanks for helping us in insurance. My parents always said you were the best!!!
- Rob & Tammy Pieart, Polk City, IA
We saved 71% on our home insurance with Doubleday and saved money on our auto too! We are sending them referrals of our friends and relatives so that they can save too. Since they are Independent Agents I’m sure of a very competitive rate always.
- Randy Grogan, Des Moines, IA
On the way to TN for a family vacation a deer ran out in front of us. I called and Chad answered the phone and the first thing he asked was about the family. After assuring him all was okay with us he then took over asking questions regarding the Van. He reassured me everything would be good again – and it was! Thank you for caring about my family.
- Deb Stock, Pleasant Hill, IA
Lew, we had a claim in July where we lost our roof and had a lot of damage to our home. Work has been completed and the check is on its way to us. Just wanted you to know we felt we received great service. We are so thankful to have you as a local agent that we know we can count on. It’s just reassuring to know you will take care of us and you are not an 800 number in another state with no real contact person. Thanks for all you do and for the peace of mind we have with you as our agent.
- Diane and Dave White, Maxwell, IA
I’m late in getting this note off to you, but we were extremely satisfied with our service and adjustor on the storm water backup in our basement. Great quick service from your office also.
- Shirley Ballard, Ankeny, IA
Thanks so much Lew. I will never forget your kindness to me when I had my accident in Alabama. I was so frantic, you were so calming, and I bothered you on vacation, I think you were in Spirit Lake at the time eating dinner. But you took the time to help me, and told me step by step what to do. I had never had or been in an accident before, it was so frightening for me. For you, it was just business, but for me, it was way more than that. Thanks again to your whole agency, Chris and Kim for being so helpful as well.
- Bev Shafer, Des Moines, IA
I was hit in downtown Des Moines and was clueless as to what to do. I called Chris, my agent, and he personally drove to the scene of the accident and handled everything for me. That personal touch and caring really makes it 100% worth staying with an Independent Agent. Thanks, Chris!
- Jena Skaar, Ankeny, IA
Pat Capehart recommended you to be my Insurance Agent. She was very happy with you when she needed your assistance for her claim. I'm glad she gave me a good reference. I'm glad to be your client.
- Carmen Murguia, Ankeny, IA
Chris is always available and respond to our questions/requests as soon as he can. Doubleday is like a family to us after 16 years working with you. I have all of mine insurance with you. You try to get the most competitive price.
- Lang D., customer since 1999
We really like the friendliness and knowledge of all of you. We also really like that you have our best interests in mind.
- Jerry M., customer since 2013